the great interview experience

i’ve been searching high and low for how to get my blog mojo back.  i signed up for nablopomo, for the 3rd year in a row – so far, so good.  but also so far, many somewhat forced posts.  so the other day while clicking links i came across citizen of the month‘s the great interview experience and i thought maybe that’s the answer.  so i left a comment.  and then waited to see who i was gonna be interveiwing.

neil (the man behind citizen of the month) connected me with tamukhunter.  so here’s the interview.   or how i avoided all the tricky stuff and stuck to the fluff.  the tricky stuff i avoided all has to do with the fact that tamukhunter is a druid.  and the super-majority of his blog is about druidism.  so i looked high and low to find enough stuff to enable me to only ask fluff questions.  this may have been a disappointment for tamukhunter, but we managed an interview anyway.  my questions are in black non-italics and  tamukhunter’s answers are in green italics.

interviewing someone is only 1/2 of the great interview experience.  to get the full great interview experience i was also interviewed.  my interview was done by sremmus.  it’s over here.


in preparation for this interview i read every single post in your blog.  including your guest post.  and now i think i’m ready.

Wow.  I’m impressed.  I would have been okay with the tricky stuff, too, just so you know.  😉

1.  you said you can only update your blog at work – why is that?

I don’t have an internet connection – or even much of a computer – in my home.
2.  was your daughter’s spider costume, complete with spider bum, the best one ever, or have you guys managed to top it?

It was certainly the funniest.  This year my wife made a beautiful mermaid costume, based on Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” but it didn’t have the comedic points to go along with it, I’m afraid.

3.  in your post “what it means to be a man” you mention starting a men’s group.  have you done that?  if you have, how’s it going?

I haven’t actually gotten around to doing so, I’m afraid.  It’s something on my “’round tuit” list, perhaps at some point when I get more free time.

4.  i can’t get pork sausage here and when i read you didn’t eat pork – by choice – i got really light headed.  but, in one of your more recent posts you mention that perhaps you might change your stance on not eating pork.  have you made a decision?

No, at this point I am still pork free.  I suspect that I will be for a good long time to come, despite the occasional “slip,” here and there.  I figure that an oath taken in good faith should not be lightly rescinded, and not without consequence.  Plus, I’m fairly happy with the lifestyle.

5.  you mentioned maybe scheduling in the odd family skate in your post “skating”, have you?  how are your daughter’s ice skating lessons going?

She’s doing quite well, actually.  We get the odd skate time in here and there, but not a lot.  I’m hoping to do more of it this year, and buy my own pair of skates as well.  The rentals pinch.

6.  your wife asked you to not share too much, do you find that limiting or did you sort of plan from the beginning for your blog to not be too family heavy?

the initial point of my blog was actually to help document my Dedicant Program Studies.  It became a lot more when I was trying to help my friend Jasmine through her breakup with her husband last year, and now it’s a spot where I just like to write.

7.  has discovering your boss reads your blog caused you to rethink any of your posts?

A little at first.  I rune everyhting through a filter of “I’m showing this to the world.  It had better not be anything too damning,” as it is.  The posts about Oakstone were the trickiest that way.

8.  how has your health been?  any more issues with chest pain?

No more chest issues.  It was definitely a false alarm.  Otherwise, all good, health-wise.  Thank you for asking.

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