i hate being the bearer of bad news

my mom just read that title and fainted.

so, we’re moving house and the only people who needed to know about that and didn’t were the homeowners and our mâe bâan.  i hadn’t told the mâe bâan because it sort of felt like i should tell the homeowners first.  and i hadn’t told the homeowners because they didn’t return my calls.  which i wasn’t too upset by, since i hate making people unhappy.  and not having renters would most likely make our homeowners very, very unhappy.

i figured tomorrow would be the day – since that’s when rent’s due.  and i was prepared for tomorrow.  of course, that’s until i headed out to get my lovely sick (and spending the day at home with me) children rottee for breakfast.  as i was strolling down the street our homeowners go past me on their motorcy.  i thought they hadn’t seen me.  then they stop.  and i panic.  but turns out they are just headed into a stall to get breakfast and i’m still hoping they hadn’t seen me.  (because i’m prepared to see them tomorrow, not today).  and then the wife turns and starts walking my way – cuz they totally saw me.  he goes on into the restaurant with their daughter, but since the wife and i can do a pretty good job of communicating (my limited thai and her limited english abilities work well together) she’s the one i’m left to deliver the bad news to.  after pleasantries are exchanged, she asks what time tomorrow she can come by with a new contract for next year.  and i stammer we won’t be staying in the house next year.  which she understands as we won’t be home tomorrow.  so i give it another go.  and another go.  and then she gets it.  and she calls over her husband.  i try to explain the house is hot, that as pretty as it is we just can’t do another hot season.  and they both said, oh, mai pen rai.  which means never mind, or it’s okay, or don’t worry about it.  and then they went into the restaurant. and i went on my way.

while i was out i’d received a text from a friend.  she wanted to meet for coffee.  and since that is an emergency and our mâe bâan was at the house, i figured it was safe to leave the kids and go get caffeine.  i was about 1/2 way through my cup of coffee when a12 calls to let me know that the homeowners are at the house.  i chug the rest of my coffee, hightail it home and there they are.  brainstorming ways to make the house cooler.  so now i have to deliver the bad news that we have already found another house and that even if they did put aircon in and we hadn’t found another house the electricity to cool down all this open space would be way too expensive. and again, they said, mai pen rai – because there wasn’t really much else to say.  and it left me feeling bad.  i really wanted to tell them okay, we’ll stay.  and if it were just me and not a houseful of other very hot and uncomfortable people i would.

on the upside, i no longer had to tell the mâe bâan we were moving and i got to explain to her that she would still have a job.  which made her very happy.

10 thoughts on “i hate being the bearer of bad news

  1. I hope that your landlords find new tenants soon! I often wonder how differently the situations that I find myself in here would be if I were Thai instead of a foreigner. For example, how would a Thai family break the news about moving? I get the feeling that situations are often more open to negotiation (in fact, I wonder if renegotiation is sometimes the point?) than what I became used to, growing up in Canada. That’s what I thought of again when I read that your landlords stopped by to see if it made sense to install central air …

    • i hope they do, too. i would love to see the sign up tomorrow, as long as they don’t rent it out until after the date we can go.

      i wish there were a guide book out there for all of the situations we find ourselves in.

  2. From a building standpoint, your dad says the only thing they can do is remove the floor to ceiling solid glass windows and replace them with windows that can be raised (at least opened) and place an awning all the way across the front of the house on the first floor. They have to shade all that glass. That might be cheaper for them than central air. But, we are glad you are moving.

    • they were actually gonna just put in big aircon units, not central. i gave them some ideas, but it’s just too expensive… wish there were a way to avoid all the unpleasant stuff. not that they have been unpleasant.

  3. Wow! So you’re in Thailand. This will make for interesting reading! And gosh, having an uncomfortable conversation with someone is bad enough, but when there is a language barrier, that makes it even harder.

    • hopefully it will all work out. i mean we’re shifting house no matter, so i guess that’s something. it’s not all that interesting. especially during nablopomo – lots of i’ve just got to post something today posts.

  4. hey 🙂 come to malaysia and experience the “heat” of my house too 😛 LOL

    i dont exactly like to say no also …. why must we be nice ? but sometime u really got to say no and keep repeating it… or run quick!

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