happy birthday, michael!

he’s 39 today. and in indonesia – a country that isn’t loving him this week.  actually, that was last week.  maybe this week has been better.  of course, no internet at the hotel doesn’t sound better.   here’s praying he has a great day!

sùk săn wan gèrt (happy birthday)

and because it’s not a birthday without a present, a12 went and got him something really special.  it’s so special she’s decided to keep it to herself.  he’ll be glad seeing as how it’s bronchitis.

what a good daughter!

10 thoughts on “happy birthday, michael!

      • That’s really not good. I’m sure you’ll keep a close eye on her. Hope she turns the corner soon. I know when Jacob had H1N1, when he was at his absolute worst, and I was really worried about him, he suddenly improved and was almost completely better within just a few hours. Hope she has a big turn around as well.

  1. Happy day mike. Feeling a12’s pain got bronchitus and upper resp infection 2 days before halloween then had to fly with it still have a nasty cough

  2. Still a cough and lots of flehm (sp)? It hangs on forever and I am sure the cold in NY next week wont help! I am even still tired most days more so than normal! Nothing two to three lattes a day wont help!

  3. Bronchitis is going around… my oH had it, mother and mother-in-law, just in the last month.

    Happy Belated Birthday, Michael! will FB him!

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