sleep disorder

i haven’t been sleeping well.  everything settles down, no more fireworks, parties have stopped and then i get a headache.  that lasts and lasts and lasts and seems to be paracetamol resistant.

it makes me grumpy.  but i’m hoping the tide is turning.  for the first day in 10 i haven’t had a headache today.  and i got plans to sleep.

6 thoughts on “sleep disorder

  1. Have you tried listening to binaural beats to help you sleep? I’ve been addicted to sleeping pills for a couple of years until I have to face the reality and find my own natural healing. It has been tough at first, but in the end, you can truly recover – if you have the desire to do so. Do you know that some cases of insomnia are due to magnesium deficiencies, showing up in muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome, irritability and an inability to fall asleep. A magnesium supplement, taken an hour before your desired bedtime can help.

    • i might look into that magnesium thing… all but the muscle cramps sort of fit for me. but the restless leg syndrome could be more seeing too many commercials for it. that symptom showed up somewhere around the 100th one i saw.

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