or maybe it’s…

a12 is home again today.  yesterday i sort of wondered to myself, “how long should i wait to take her to the doctor?”  looks like four days is the answer.

we don’t actually make a doctors appointment here – we just go to hospital and tell ’em what’s wrong.  then they send us off in the right direction.  today that was pediatrics.  a doctor sees us pretty quickly.  takes a peek at her throat, her ears, listens to her breathing and says strep throat.  she reads me off a list of the medications she is prescribing and sends us in the direction of the cashier.  only problem, i know strep throat. i’ve had it.  i know how it makes you feel and a12 isn’t feeling that way.  i’m pretty sure it’s not strep throat, but the medications all sounded familiar and not specific to strep.

while waiting to check out the nurse comes and finds us. she says that upon further examination the doctor has changed her mind. further examination of what i don’t know since a12 was with me, not with the doctor. she says what a12 really has is acute ph…..   she actually said a word, but i couldn’t make it out.  figured i’d just check the medical report and it would be good.  and there’s a whole other list of medications.  one of which tends to cause allergic reactions so keep an eye on a12 after she takes it.   as we’re leaving the hospital i happen to scan the medical report.  it says she has acute phgobbiltygoop.  can’t read it.  i figure that’s okay, i wouldn’t know what it meant even if i could read it.  and am still somewhat curious about the change in diagnosis.

we get home.  i pull up dr. google, who which is brilliant, thinking maybe i’ll get lucky and stumble upon the answer.  and sure enough, pay dirt!  google has that nifty i’m-gonna-try-to-guess-what-you’re-typing-as-you-type-it-feature and all it took was me entering acute ph and it told me the rest.  she has acute pharyngitis.  which seems to be a much broader diagnosis, because turns out strep is a type of pharyngitis.


love a good face mask

4 thoughts on “or maybe it’s…

  1. Hope she’s feeling better soon. Did she get that mask at the hospital? If that’s the kind they gave out here, Jacob would have been a whole lot happier about wearing it when we went.

    • they said 48 hours and she should turn around… so we wait. the mask is one i found at a store here. less than a dollar! i’ve become a collector – since the kids are sometimes required to wear them at school.

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