3 things i learned today

1.)  our mâe bâan’s husband has aspirations of being a dog groomer.

s'more's topknot

2.) putting eggs on to boil and then taking a nap does not produce the best results.

over-boiled eggs

3.) s10 and i do not see eye to eye when it comes to after school snacks. okay, so i didn’t just learn this one today – but it was reinforced in a mighty way.

after school snack?

i saw at least 2 other kids order the exact same thing. corn with butter and chocolate sprinkles. maybe their paletes are injured.

4 thoughts on “3 things i learned today

  1. For some reason, it’s the last one that bothers me the most…gross! Though I do feel bad for your poor pan. 😉

    I wouldn’t be fronting any wages for dog grooming supplies either.

    • i agree, the last one is gross. and the pan is in sad shape, once the pan got dry the eggs exploded all over the kitchen.

      no dog grooming supplies coming from us… we’re slow, but we do learn! 🙂

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