and i ran, i ran so far away

it is possible that it only felt like i ran so far away because i had to wake up so very early this morning and i was doing this run without the aid of performance enhancing drugs – you know, like caffeine.  really it was only a 3.5 k, which is just over 2 miles.

every year the seventh grade at the kids’ school does a cancer thing.  they study terry fox (he’s canadian, not sure how he got picked when it’s an american school my kids go to.  but whatever…), they write reports, they can do a fund raiser and they can participate in a cancer run.  those last two things they vote on.  and the ballot looks something like this…

a) make it easy on our parents*.  let’s do nothing extra.  no run.  no bake sale.

b) make our parents* grumpy.  let’s do the run (which translates into our parents* having to get up early, get us up early and get us to the location.)  only.  no bake sale.

c) make our parents* hot.  let’s do the bake sale only (which means our moms have to bake us stuff so we can sell it.)  no early morning run.

d) make our parents* miserable!  let’s do it all.  let’s get our parents* to get up early, then wake up our cheerful little selves and drive us out to the reservoir.  on their only sleep in day.  and let’s have them bake stuff for us to sell.

their vote was almost unanimous.  and parents* weren’t at all polled.  so today i got up earlier than i wanted to, woke up 2 girls (one was mine, the other a friend) and managed to locate the reservoir and find a parking space.  and i also participated.  i figured as long as i was there i might as well…

i would have had a much faster time had i not been distracted…

and when we were done there was breakfast.  mmm, mmm good.

the bake sale hasn’t happened, yet.  it’s thursday.  i’m still waiting for a12 to tell me about it.

*parents = moms.  because the dads left the country.  the dad in our family is in indonesia.  the dad in the family of the mom i walked with is in afghanistan, and the dad of the other girl we took with us today is in burma.  these men go to great efforts to avoid getting up early on a saturday!

2 thoughts on “and i ran, i ran so far away

    • when i wrote the post i was still irritated about getting up early to go run (i really love my sleep in morning! 😉 i’ve got no issues with canadians. and i agree he is pretty inspirational!!

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