yi peng lantern festival

we did this last year and were mightily disappointed when we heard that it was cancelled this year because of swine flu, but then we heard that it wasn’t cancelled.  and we were happy again.

this lantern release takes place on the campus of maejo university.  and it is beautiful to watch.  last year we released a lantern.  this year, a12, s10 and i managed to catch ours on fire so instead of releasing it we stomped on it. 

since michael had my camera in indonesia these pictures were taken by a friend. 

loykrathong4  loykrathong3

loykrathong1  loykrathong2

*yi peng and loy khratong are the same thing.  yi peng is what it’s called in northern thailand.  which is where i live.

*this is a very non-green festival… all these lanterns have to land somewhere.

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