house shifting, again

it seems like we just did this.  oh, that’s because we did just do this – 12 months ago.  it’s sort of like when we were first married and i thought that a lease coming up meant we just had to move.  but it was easy then.  one bedroom apartments can be moved with very little effort.  but 4 bedroom houses with an office – that’s a bit more daunting.  

a year ago we moved because we found a better location.  no more 40 minute drives into school in the morning.  now we could walk!  but, turns out this house is hot.  hot, hot, hot.  we hit 111 degrees about once a week.  and there’s just no recovering from that. 

the new house – it’s not so hot.  and it has a huge yard.  and it’s even closer to the school.  and it’s much easier to get to. and it’s not so hot.  oh, i almost forgot.  it also has 8 bathrooms on the property that are not accessible from inside the house.  so, bonus – maybe.   it also comes with a 2 year lease.  a nice little guarantee that we’ll be staying put.

ginormous yard

an aviary - i'm not feeling it

there are 6 potties in this building. all squatty.

2 thoughts on “house shifting, again

    • inside the house all the potties are regular potties – and i can’t imagine why we’d need to use the outside ones. there is a regular potty outside this house, too… more potties than anyone needs!!

      we’re very excited about the yard!!

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