all the pretty girls (and boys)

last night was loy khratong yài.  and it was certainly yài-er than lék.   there were more fireworks, more kom loy, more people and more noise.  so, of course, we went.  c15 got a bit unnerved by the loud firework that went off right at his feet.  a12 was a bit distraught by the painful firework that landed on her hip and s10 just enjoyed – not the pain his siblings were feeling, but the all around fun of the bigger, better and louder.

i took in the parade.  they’d had it the two previous nights, but last night i just happened to be at the right place at the right time.  the rest of the fam find parades to be a bit of a drag.  and, in all fairness, the parades here do tend to go on and on.   i finally gave up on waiting for the parade to come to me and, instead, went looking for the end of the parade myself.  because i was tired.

here’s a parade guessing game.  boys or girls??



oh, i’m too tired for games.  i’ll just tell you, they’re all boys.

and it’s true what they say – everyone loves a parade (except my family…)


the fireworks went pretty nonstop until 7 am.   i’ve heard rumor that we shouldn’t be disturbed by them tonight.  i don’t believe it.


4 thoughts on “all the pretty girls (and boys)

  1. that’s what they call that there multiculturalism. What? I’m from Texas. (grin)

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