doh – but not homer’s, “doh”

we’ve had some bathroom plumbing issues at our house and our home owner has been less than responsive.  like when the water sprayer shot off the bathroom walls (it has happened in 3 out of 4 bathrooms so far) and high pressure water shot across the bathroom (the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th times – he came the 2nd).  and since our homeowner didn’t think it was necessary to have a water turnoff in the bathroom it meant we had to turn the water off to the entire house, which is always convenient.  our mâe bâan’s husband has been most helpful and done a great job getting the sprayer back in working condition.  not that we can use these sprayers.  there purpose is to help you get clean, you know, down there.  they look just like the vegetable sprayers we have by our kitchen sinks in the states,  but the ones in our bathrooms shoot water out at such high pressure that you could most probably do some irreversible damage.  so they just sit on our walls.  until they explode off.

our other plumbing issue was a leaky sink.  in the master bath.  we told the homeowner about it and he said he would return with some professionals to take a look at it.  we had to tell our mâe bâan’s husband not to fix it.  because the professionals were on their way.  so it leaked for like a week.  and finally, with a few successful veggie sprayer fixes under his belt, our mâe bâan’s husband decided he was professional enough for this job.  (or maybe he just decided that the professionals really weren’t on their way and something needed to be done – whichever).  so one day while we were all out of the house he gathered all the necessary repair supplies and set to work.  and he fixed it.  the fix has held for about 2 months now, so it looks like my doubts were completely unfounded.

look what a great job he did.

yep, that’s play doh.  i hear it’s as multi-purpose as duct tape.

8 thoughts on “doh – but not homer’s, “doh”

  1. this didn’t surprise as much as I thought it should…. hmmmm…. why does our family not have as much fun as you all?

    well, we are MAKING a bionicle costume for our son that is taking all of my time and oH’s time for the last 2.5 weeks. will send a picture… this was not an easy task.

  2. I had that same problem in one house – they did not install a water cut off valve on the sprayer and it would BLOW. Actually, I think the only time I didn’t have plumbing problems overseas was when I didn’t have plumbing – and then of course the well pump would break. 😀 Love that play-doh fix – very creative!

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