where oh where

if you’ve noticed i’ve been missing from this here blog and wondered just what wacky crazy fun adventures we’re up to in thailand i hate to dissappoint.  no wacky fun adventures here.  just working in a sweatshop.  for my househelp.  she’s quite the taskmaster. 

we’re certain that we shall be rescued from our sad, sad situation soon.  there are so many ngos here – there must be one dedicated to the plight of the north american who gets her family into real jams because of her inability to say no.  i don’t have time to go into the hows and whys and huhs of what this mess.  i will soon.  there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

other than the slaveshop situation i’ve also managed to chaperon a field trip to the zoo.  where, if you happened to be in my group of children, you got to see giraffes mating.  and i’ve taken c15 to the hospital to have 1/2 his toenail yanked out from the nail bed.  and then chemically burned in hopes that we can quit doing this.   and tonight is the long awaited birthday sleepover for s10.  michael gets into town just in time to take over the second shift.  lucky me him.

so, if i don’t reappear here in the next short while, don’t worry.  the sweat shop is demanding.

9 thoughts on “where oh where

  1. you know… this scenario sounds mighty familiar to past adventures of the kientz… the long awaited s10 birthday, sweat shop (usually involves the kids being tasked to make something)… hmmm business as usual. And, we all love you for being you! miss you!

    so… the big question, how many of s10 birthdays have actually been within 7 days of his birthdate?!

    • hey now! that’s hitting below the belt. and just to show you i’ll count how many birthdays have happened withing a week of his birthdate. let’s see there was his 1st birthday… his second birthday and his third (feeling bad?) and i’m sure there has been at least one other…

      sweat shop… yes, this time michael and i ended up at the wrong end of the sweat shop. and now i feel bad for my kids! 🙂

  2. ah. so you needed to experience where good intentions lead to. I hate when that happens. (grin)

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