i’ve never run a political campaign*  and i claim no expertise in public relations – so when it comes to the current mayoral campaign that’s going on who am i to comment?

i don’t know all the details about why the current mayor isn’t allowed to finish her term, but i do know that there’s now something like 10 candidates all vying for her place.   i’d been pretty certain it was 7, because i’d seen the posters for candidates 1-7.  but today i saw the poster for 10, haven’t seen 8 and 9, yet, but i’m certain they exist.  anyway, campaigning here includes putting up a gazillion posters all over the place – gazillion might be an underestimation – and hiring a truck to drive about town with loud speakers on top blaring a positive campaign message or something of the sort.  plastered to the sides of this truck are the same posters that have been put up all over the place.  so you would think that the picture you use for this poster would be the best one ever.  and for the most part they aren’t too bad…


candidate #1 is the current mayor.  she looks very pleasant.  i’m sure she makes some very pleasant promises.


#2 is young.  and clean cut.  and he’s running some sort of look into my eyes so i can hypnotize you campaign.


it makes me very uncomfortable.


apparently #3 is a doctor.  perhaps he’s promised to make the city h1n1 free within 24 hours or something equally as doable.


#4 could be the guy next door.  and he’s suggesting that if he’s elected he would like internet for all – that’s not made up.  someone told me.  i don’t know if that means free or cheap.  but i’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea.  because if just one more person gets online here the internet in the entire city will freeze.  and then implode.  i’m certain of that.


#5 is obviously military.  and his plan is to show you how to tick the box next to his number.  it might work.

#6 – not pictured.  but he’s a very nice looking fellow.  i just forgot to take his picture.


#7 wears color.  i like color.  could be a winning tactic.

any others i haven’t had time to thoroughly analyze their campaign or haven’t even seen their pictures (which is pretty much the same thing) so i’ve got no comment.

i’ve got no idea when this election happens.  but i’m ready for it.  fully informed.  and by fully informed i mean completely tired of the trucks blaring the messages, especially when 4 of them get lined up back to back.  all blaring at the same time.  and all coming to a stop right in front of my house during nap time.

*not exactly true.  my senior year i ran for class historian.  made posters and buttons (or maybe it was stickers) and won.  of course, i was the only candidate, but still a win is a win!

3 thoughts on “stumping

  1. it’s too late. you looked into #2’s eyes. you will vote him. you have no choice. (grin)

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