same same, but different

we can get lays potato chips here.  and some days there’s not much better than a salty plain ol’ lays potato chip.  just hits the spot.  unless you’re a12 or s10.  they go for these – everytime.


hotchilisquid noriseaweed

your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  those are hot chili squid and nori seaweed flavored lays potato chips.  i’ve tried them both.  the nori seaweed chips – a12’s choice – are sort of close to okay.  but not.  the  hot chili squid chips – s10’s fave – smell like they sound and taste like they smell.  and there is nothing good about that.

8 thoughts on “same same, but different

  1. The biggest difference in Thailand that my husband and I noticed between 2004 and 2008 was Lay’s! (Oh, and less squat toilets.) I’m not a fan of “the potato chip” but would totally try both those flavors!

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