futsal – like soccer, sorta.

i watched my first futsal game today and it was a good one.  the score was 5 – 1.  we won.  and i’m not ashamed to admit that winning does add a certain level of excitement to the game.  it’s a pretty short game – two 15 minute halves. it took the opposing team longer to get from their school to ours than it did to play the entire game.  it’s also a nonstop game.  i don’t think the clock ever stopped, except at the break.

the first half our girls did fantastic.  we went into half-time with a 3 to zip lead.  our first goal was made from the corner.  a bend it like beckham kind of a thing.  at least i think that’s what bend it like beckham is referring to.  i can’t remember how or who made the other two goals.  i was photographing and it’s suprisingly difficult to take pictures and watch the game.

the second half our team also scored three goals.  one of which i actually got a picture.


pretty cool, huh?  the other goals i just have shots of the ball on the floor in the net.  nothing to see really.  a12 played the second half so i was torn between taking pictures and watching.  but i managed to do a pretty good job of both.  here are a few shots of her in action.

IMG_0740 IMG_0743

i didn’t get a shot of her goal.  yep, she made a goal.  the last of the game.  before her goal the score was 5-0 (go us).  and with the clock ticking down the final 30 seconds of the game she scores and the crowd goes wild.  laughing and cheering and whooping and hollering.  it was pretty cool.

the final score was 5-1.  go figure.

4 thoughts on “futsal – like soccer, sorta.

  1. That’s definitely VERY cool. Congrats to her.

    It’s always more fun to watch games when they win. 15 minute halves and no stopping the clock = perfect!

    I never feel like I’m immersed in the experience when I’m busy taking pictures. It’s one or the other with me. 😦

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