perhaps a thai cooking feature would be fun

you know, in the future…  but right this minute i’ve got nothing for you.

just exactly what do i consider nothingness?

the seventh grade plotted a swine flu 2009 close down.  they failed.  there’s been no actual confirmation or even investigation into these wild claims.  just call it mothers’ intuition.  and i do mean mothers, because i’m not the only one with these suspicions.  seems that the same day my dear daughter came home with a headache a few other 7th graders fell victim to the same symptom.  and i might not find this so suspicious if it weren’t for the fact that the nurse reported to us moms, as we picked up our ailing children, that she’d had several 7th graders come ask just how many of their peers would have to be absent for the class to be shut down for the week.  a little fishy, me thinks.

s9 came home from school on his birthday.  he said he had a headache, but i believe he was just suffering from bad day-itis.  seems his criticism of one of his teachers wasn’t well received.  exactly what did he write in the very open ended “comments” box?  “be a better teacher”  those were his exact words.  and they weren’t well received.  and then there was the “i hate you” that he muttered to another teacher.  and all together that adds up to a bad day.  and when you throw in the accompanying bad attitude and such you also get a postponed birthday party.  but he has high hopes for much better rest of the  year.  i’m certain that missing the first full week of  school due to swine flu watch 2009 hasn’t helped him.  i’ve been told that that’s the bonding week.  and when you combine missing the bonding week with the fact that he was a c-section baby – it can’t be good.  i do encourage him to crawl through any and all tight fitting spaces – so he can have that rebirthing experience that was all the rage not so long ago and i can relieve myself of some of the he didn’t come out the right way guilt.  (just so you know, i don’t really suffer this guilt.  but i do find it way too amusing every time i can refer to a rebirth experience.  i do it will all 3 kids.  it’s fun.)

c15 has been slacking.  he’s done nothing to contribute to this post.  i’ll have to have a talk with him.  i could do a hair watch thing about him.  because i know it’s getting longer and longer, but it’s not presenting as longer.  it’s presenting as bigger.

michael’s been here for going on three weeks now.  yes.  he’s been here.  in thailand.  in chiang mai.  in our house.  it’s almost unprecedented.  and it’s been lovely.  he’s walked the kids to school everyday.  each and everyday.  and this morning he even got them up and out of bed.  while i slept in a bit.  and i had no reason to need to sleep in.  he’s a pretty good guy.

i’ve taken up yoga.  my commitment level is low – only once a week.  and the yoga comes to me.  to my front yard.  where i get to do downward dog under the watchful gaze of my many, many neighbors.  so it’s good.

oh, and today something exciting did happen.  i got my kitchen propane tank replaced.  when i returned from america – way back mid-august – the tank was out of gas.  so today i decided enough is enough and got it replaced.  so i can cook not using our plug in hot pot and toaster oven.  and i can conceive of something as nifty as a thai cooking feature actually happening.

and if you’ve made it this far you’ve hit gold.  because here’s where i briefly mention something i could go on and on about.  but i won’t.  the biggest thing that’s happened around here since my last post?  someone in my family changed their facebook status.  to in a relationship.  because i love my daughter i won’t go further into this, but suffice it to say, that at 12, i’m pretty sure “in a relationship” is the wrong status.

7 thoughts on “perhaps a thai cooking feature would be fun

  1. I love this post. Sounds like all is good in your world.

    Poor S9, maybe the real flu will close school later in the year. Hey, they asked for feedback, right? 😉

    • i actually think the comment thing isn’t such a big deal. the did ask and he wrote what he honestly thought. we talked with him about ways to be more constructive, but at 10, constructive criticism might not be what you get when you ask…

  2. Your yoga cracked me up!! Laughed. out. loud. Thanks for that! And you got me so excited for the Thai cooking! I’ve been hoping maybe you might have time between the swine flu scares to share those recipes, hint, hint!! ;)) Not like you aren’t busy or anything!


  3. well, i made it to the end of the post and glad I did. I enjoyed all of it. I needed a good laugh. thank you.

    we have swine flu small instances… i am convinced 2 or maybe 3 friends have/had it. i like the updates. at 12, maybe a12 might want to rethink this ‘relationship’. put me into a panic thinking about it. s9 always cracks me up… he says it like it is.

    • yeah, 12 and “in a relationship” hmmmppphh.

      we’re feeling pretty swine flu free here now. only one case at school right now. now entire classes not getting to attend. normalcy, or something like it, i settling in!

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