another list

mom24 suggested i make a list of things we were glad to get back to since we’ve returned to thailand.  and i think that’s a brilliant idea – so that’s just what i’m gonna do.

and topping that list is our own beds.  how lovely it is to sleep in our own beds – even if my mattress is all lumpy and bumpy because it’s really a box spring.

eating out for about $1us each.  and not off a .99 menu.  today aly had khao soi and a coke, sam had a burger and fries and lemonade, and i had soft tofu and pork soup and lemonade.

house help.  who this week brought a thai dish for me to try. one i’ve never had or heard of and  i can’t remember the name, but it was lovely.  i think i’m gonna ask her to teach me how to make it.

familiar faces.  we ran into friends in the airport in bangkok and we were all on the same flight to chiang mai, seated a row apart.  it was a nice way to return.  and it’s not at all uncommon for us to run into at least one person we know when we are out and about.  while we were in the states we saw many familiar faces.  but often it was more do a double take and try to place where we knew them from…

our neighborhood 20baht pad thai vendor.  who, while we were gone, expanded the stall and has given it an official name with a placard and all.  it’s now an international restaurant with a much broader option of stir fry thai foods.  i’m sure the choices that make it international are coming.

massages. not that i couldn’t get one in the states, but… i couldn’t get one for about $5us.

wawee coffee.  beautiful coffees. better and cheaper than starbucks.  really.

the new school year.  all the kids were glad to be back.  even if sam caught swine flu (which we won’t ever know since i didn’t have him tested.)

thai lessons.  my tutor showed up bright and early monday morning.  i was totally unprepared, but hadn’t forgotten as much as i thought.

transportation.  our own car.  and there are tuk tuks and songthaews.

16 thoughts on “another list

  1. I’ll have to agree with you. It is an utterly lovely life you have. And it sounds like you are home. Can’t wait to see you again over there.

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  3. That’s a pretty good list. It’s mind boggling to me how inexpensive it seems to live there. Truly unimaginable. I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that you sleep on a boxed spring, but it’s just not absorbing that one either. 🙂

    Friends on the plane sounds like a lovely way to return home. I’m glad you’re back in the swing of things and glad Sam’s on the mend.

    • it took us a while to figure out why this bed was so very uncomfortable… a little slow on the uptake! getting a topper is on my to do list, just haven’t done it, yet. not everything is so inexpensive, but eating out – especially if we stick to thai – is definitely top of the cheap list!!

  4. Absolutely LOVE your list! A great idea to do this. I am so jealous of the pad thai vendor! It was definitely our favorite when there. Khao Soi sounds good too.

    I would need those inexpensive massages if sleeping on a box spring only!

    Please eat some pad thai for us!


  5. What a great list! I’m especially grateful for: maids, cheap eating out, Thai massage, not having a car, having my favourite taxi driver who only charges metre no matter how many days we are gone, getting most everyone to deliver, a vet who makes house calls, not having to wear shoes except on odd occasions (and being able to take them off often), less rules, being able to ignore the rules that are there…

      • One of my friends in Florida was grumbling about all the paperwork he had to go through just to get a tree cut down. In Thailand, it’s no big deal. The tree is just… there one day, gone the next. Poof!

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