thaibasco and shattered mirrors

home for day 2 of sick kid watch.  it’s fun.  really.  and making it even more fun is this single parenting gig i’m smack dab in the middle of.  coffee time has been curtailed.  lunches at new and very tasty sounding restaraunts canceled.  everything i need to do has to get done (um, yeah, coffee is a has to) before noon.  when the house help leaves.  but i’m not bitter. 

anyway, this morning i had to run to the grocery store.  cleaning supplies were needed and food.  because my kids eat.  even the sick one.  on my way i noticed my right side mirror – that’s the driver side here – was way out of whack.  so i did what seemed the sensible thing and tried to adjust it.  and it fell off.  so i pulled over the first chance i got and walked back to retrieve it.  which i did. i found it in not exactly the same condition.  but did still manage to stick it back on.


it’s not the most effective – but i’m thinking maybe it will work for a while.

while at the grocery store i found a little present for michael.  he’s a lover of all things hot and spicy – insert that’s why we’re so good together joke here.  look what i found.


if you’re having trouble reading that label i’ve got a close up of it – because i’m  helpful like that.


i can’t tell you if it’s hotter or better – are those the same things? – because i haven’t tried it. and i’m not certain if i will. but once michael’s gotten home and relieved me of all responsibility i’ll put ‘take a swig of the thaibasco’ on his to do list. and then i’ll be able to tell you. or maybe i’ll just pay a kid. but not the sick one.

6 thoughts on “thaibasco and shattered mirrors

  1. Aww, what a sweet wife. Hope the sick one feels better soon and that no one else gets it.

    I’m trying to feel bad for you, but the whole “everything i need to do has to get done before noon when the house help leaves” thing ruined it for you. 🙂

    Everything I need to do has to get done with little people everywhere–and no household help.

  2. i love it… that’s funny ‘thaibasco’….

    yeah, had the same ‘poor monica’ reaction when the ‘house help’ leaves. hope the sick one feels better.

    btw, made it through Day 1 at TCA. He had a great day, loved everything (big surprise for us). Thought all was well, then when I informed him this morning while he was enjoying a quiet Lego moment that he needed to get ready for school. there was a big surprise look and a ‘we have to go back again today?’ ;^)

  3. My hubby would love to try that Thaibasco thing!! Right up his alley, too. Love the hot and spicy joke inserted too. ;))

    Glad S9 is feeling better! I hope they send out a letter like that here in the states too. Maybe a little clearer though.


    • i might be sending out a few bottles – i’ll email you if i do…

      he’s all better. apparently the note was explained to the kids during an assembly. it took several minutes and more than a few repeated questions to get the older two to explain what they thought it they’d heard that it said… sort of funny. a clarification came out in the school’s newsletter.

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