with an oink oink here

the first day of school the kids each brought home a copy of the same letter.  the swine flu letter.  it gives the symptoms to look for and the precautions to take and so on and so forth.  and there’s the whole part that goes like this

the school administration is asking parents to keep their children home at the sign of any flu-like illness and for them to remain at home until 7 days after the symptoms have begun and are symptom-free for 24 hours.

the way it’s worded has caused a bit of confusion amungst the parents.  does it mean that if they are symptom free for 24 hours they can go back and we can skip the whole 7 days bit?  or does it mean 7 days and then only if they’ve been symptom free for 24 hours should they return?  i was going for the second choice.  because it seemed sensible.  and the best way to keep my kids from getting the nasty ol’ swine flu.  better safe than sorry and all that.  and then this morning…

s9 woke up.  sore throat – check.  fever – check.  sore and achy – check.  headache – check.

and now i’m looking for clarification.  because keeping him home for 7 days.  doesn’t sound so fun.  it sounds crazy.  and maybe miserable. 

6 thoughts on “with an oink oink here

    • it seems my choice is to either wait the seven days or have him tested so he can return with proof of no swine flu. i’m not gonna rush to have him tested unless his symptoms change… so, for now we sit and wait and dream of coffee 😉

  1. I bet the school nurse wishes she had chosen different wording now cause I promise she will be explaining on the phone for weeks. The thing is if you get it once you can’t get it again. Until we get a new strain that is. Have fun at home and I will have some coffee for you

    • she sent me clarification. we can get around it with a negative swine flu test. but i’m not seeing the need for testing unless his symptoms get worse or go away… or if they carry on too long.

    • it’s a bit of a pain, but i do understand not wanting it to spread and all. part of me wishes i’d had him tested just to see, but he’s done with whatever it was and back to school on monday!!

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