another school year started

if there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.

~ Edgar W. Howe

the great thing about a little jet lag is everyone’s up early with no prompting from mom. 

kids made it to school on time.  barely – i’d forgotten that driving takes much longer than walking.  and there was no time for first day of school pictures.  but i have high hopes for end of the first day pictures.  s9 got the teacher i hoped he’d get.  a12 is in the same section as most of her friends, but i won’t know her teachers until she gets home – she’s a big high middle schooler this year.  and c15 has made the jump to real high school. 

there’s whole new bell schedule for middle school and high school.  last year they had a 7-day, 7-period tumbling block schedule.  which i never figured out and all i really knew about it was that if i needed c15 during the day i wasn’t gonna have much luck finding him.  now they are on a 5-day, 6-period tumbling block schedule.  which is supposed to be much less confusing.  and i’m optimistic enough to believe it will be. 

but most importantly – today i had coffee with a friend.  aahhh…  coffee.

8 thoughts on “another school year started

  1. Usually we are ready for school to start cause kids are starting to fuss! But this summer has been pleasant so I could use a few more weeks!

  2. The only thing better than being an extroverted coffee lover is an extroverted, cofffee loving blogger. We are waiting for your words of wisdom and updates on all your activities. Love, Mom

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