what we did and what we didn’t

you know that little list i had on the side bar of things we were looking forward to?  i thought it’d be a good idea to go through it and see what we managed to fit in.  and whether it was worth fitting in.

knowing, without a doubt, that public restrooms are not squatty potties, being fairly confident that there will be toilet paper available in at least one stall in a public restroom, being able to flush toilet paper – these definitely fall in the plus column.

channel surfing – really didn’t do much of this at all.  discovered it was difficult to get interested in tv knowing i would be returning to life without it.

drinking tap water – this i did.  and it was quite convenient.

hot water in the kitchen – not such a big deal seeing as how there are dishwashers there.

Panera – made it once. as good as i remembered.

bagels – had 2.  which is not enough.

tacos from Jack in the Box – only once.  again, not enough.

diet cherry limeades from Sonic – happy hour, but, once again, not often enough.

drive thru windows – how convenient!

Chipotle – substituted qdoba.

Target – made several trips to target.  lovely, lovely target.

Chick-fil-a – not as good as i remembered.

not getting the error message “this video is not available in your country” from youtube – watched no youtube

Noodles – no time for noodles.

but the thing that’s not on the list – and that we didn’t get enough of – was time with friends.  we saw plenty of friends.  but a lot more time was needed – and we just didn’t have it.

and what about the trip home?  well, it went better than expected.  once we arrived home all the kids were pretty positive about being back – yes, even s9.  he gave being home a 50% approval rating.  which, compared to where he was the day we left, is pretty high marks!

so now we settle back in.  school starts tomorrow.  i have a few coffee dates planned in the next few days and we’ll let routine take over.  and try not to think about how long it will be before we head back for another visit.

6 thoughts on “what we did and what we didn’t

  1. I’m sorry for how long it will be until your next visit. Your checklist sounded pretty good. Don’t worry about the TV, I live here and there’s nothing to be interested in. I big puffy heart love Target, I would definitely miss that a lot.

    When you’re up for it, how about a list of things you’re glad to be back to. (If such a thing exists.)

    • right now i can’t even think about the next visit. i’m sure next summer, when the everyone else leaves it will be all too real!! yeah, targets fun. and it’s lovely how it’s the same no matter where you go.

      i’ll work on the list of things we’re glad to be back to. that’s a great idea!

  2. I was pretty disappointed in Chick-fil-a myself. : ( I guess that means it wasn’t so great to begin with?

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