how ’bout a little foghat and some math

i’m leavin’ again, long way to go
it’s a sad feeling, we already know

and some of us are sadder than others.  4 out of 5 of us are ready to get back to thailand.  sleep in our own beds and all that jazz.  and 4/5 of us are all that are returning immediately.  too bad the 1/5 that’s not ready to return and the 1/5 that isn’t returning immediately aren’t the same 1.  that would have made this equation much better.  instead, the way this is working out is i’ll be headed home with the kids and michael will show up later – like 3 weeks later.  sounds a little bit like our move, except way back then michael accompanied us to bangkok and then sent me alone with the kids to chiang mai.  and from what i remember that was fun.

s9’s our holdout on going home.  but last night i thought we’d had a breakthrough.  he was tired and sad.  and when i asked him what was wrong he said he just wanted to go home.  which made me think this transition back might be much easier than i’ve been expecting.  and then he said, “home to colorado.”  and we did have a great time in colorado.  a near perfect time.  the kind of near perfect that doesn’t last forever and quite possible wouldn’t have lasted had we been there one more day.  but we weren’t.  so his memories of colorado are now totally of the nirvana that he is absolutely certain has and will always exist there.

so today i’ll pack luggage.  and weigh luggage.  and then redistribute the contents of the luggage.  and then i’ll re-weigh the luggage.  and possibly re-redistribute until all bags weigh 50 pounds or less.  and then we’ll all sleep one last night in america.

6 thoughts on “how ’bout a little foghat and some math

  1. Wow! That went really, really quickly. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. My heart is completely breaking for your little guy. Jacob would be the exact same way, I know. I hope he can make peace with how things are.

    You’ll all be in my prayers as you travel back and re-acclimate.

    • thanks!
      it went by really fast, but also felt like we’d been gone forever! it’s good to be home. and even our youngest agrees. he’s still sort of riding the fence, but has admitted to like sleeping in his own bed!!

  2. Wow, time really did fly. I am sorry your guy is having a hard time. I am glad it is 4/5 ready to go home. I will be praying for a smooth transition for you all.


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