red robin rocks

our time in colorado is wrapping up and it’s been lovely.  friends who are very much like family, favorite places and familiar activities – fun times.  and today what we knew was gonna happen happened.  as we left my college roommate’s house to go visit our old neighborhood from the backseat we heard s9 say, “why do we have to go back to thailand? i want to stay in colorado.”  and this sentiment was quickly repeated by a12.  and who can blame them.  in colorado there’s four square


and impromptu front yard picnics


and kids.  lots and lots of kids.


after all the festivities we headed to dinner.  a much needed dinner at red robin with just the five of us.  and we experienced our first melt downs of the trip.  the goodbyes are no easier than they were 18 months ago.  and the excitement of heading to a new, unknown place is no longer there.  and it seems the kids are mourning once again.  which we were warned about, but still not exactly prepared for.  and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t feeling the same way.  but i was doing a pretty good job of holding it together.  no falling apart in parking lots for me.  i prefer more private settings, like stalls of public restrooms.  which is where i was when the rest of the family was seated at red robin tonight. but i managed to pull myself together before returning to the fam.

as we finished our meal, our waitress server delivered an obscenely large chocolate mud pie for the whole family.  she said it was from all the servers because she understood just what we were going through.  she’d grown up in a third culture herself.  and that brought me as close to losing it in a public place as i can remember in a very long time.


i don’t know if the servers were paying attention or not, but i hope they were.  because as we ate that way-too-big-even-for-a-family-of-5 desert smiles returned and everyone was ready to move forward.  at least for the night.

9 thoughts on “red robin rocks

  1. Aww, Monica, What an incredibly thoughtful server. I am sorry for the tough times for you all. Big hugs to you all. I hope you enjoy the next stop in your travels! You looks like alot of great memories were made from the first part!


    • i think it’s always nice to have someone recognize what you’re going through. i think the final leg will be good for us. a good wrap up! i haven’t been reading any blogs, will have to catch up once we return to thailand. hope all is good with you guys!

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  3. you made me start to tear up AGAIN… I almost (well, actually did) lost in on the streets of Colorado Springs. Great story, we are fans of red robin and know one of there servers, so next time we see her we will be sure to let them know what it meant to you all. we have THOROUGHLY enjoyed your visit and we start counting down till we see you again.

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