i love a good road trip

this morning my mom, my nephew, a12 and i set out on a road trip.  we crossed the red river – which had very little water in it – and wandered up into oklahoma to deposit my nephew back with his mom.

i wasn’t at my picture taking best, so missed the picture with the oklahoma sign – but that one’s not all that important anyway.

we had with us mp3 players, headphones and plenty of room for napping.


and i mean plenty of room for lots of napping.


after we dropped off the cuz we headed back.  and made certain to stop for the important pics.


and while we were stopped for this pic we saw some really smart people – or maybe just one really smart person – making their way across the red river.


then we ran into some nasty traffic coming back into the metroplex and made a rash decision to try an untested road.  which i felt very sure would land us where we needed to be landed, but my mom was most certain she shouldn’t be taking directions from someone who doesn’t even live in this country anymore.

IMG_0103 IMG_0113

and as we whizzed past corn fields at 80 miles an hour – which is like 120 km/h and about twice my normal high speed – it became apparent that one of us was correct.


isn’t she pretty when she’s wrong?

4 thoughts on “i love a good road trip

  1. AHHHH! YOU WERE IN OKLAHOMA??? And I missed it! (grin)
    Yep, 80mph is way too slow for Texas. (grin)

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