the trouble with india

or at least why i’m having difficult posting about india…

i think being sick 7 out of 13 days didn’t help.  it started with a fever and headache and ended with my entire body covered in a rash and swollen extremities.


and there were plenty of other unimaginable unmentionable symptoms in between.  i managed to only miss out on souvenir shopping excursions – which wasn’t too bad.  but felt very disoriented the rest of the time.  and then there was the eating.  i had no appetite, but knew i needed to eat.  however, i wasn’t at all tempted by indian curry.  which was served breakfast, lunch and dinner.

added to the not feeling well was the not really being crazy about india.  it took me no time at all to realize that had we moved to india i would have bombed.  in a big way.  the indian people were lovely.  but the noise and the trash and the noise and the honking and the scary driving and the honking and the indian curry served breakfast lunch and dinner – it was sensory overload.  and i’m still feeling it.

and i’m also a bit off here in the states.  i can’t put my finger on it, but it’s sort of the same disorienation that i had in india.  but i’m not sick.  unless you count a dry nose as sick, because it feels like i’ve got cockleburrs up my nose.  and that’s painful.

so, all of this is just to say that i’m working on the posts – i’ve still got plenty to say – and i’ve completely given up on trying to do it in any order.

2 thoughts on “the trouble with india

  1. I really had to chuckle over your description of India and the things you attributed to sensory overload! I would say the same about Thailand! I am guessing there must be a big difference between Bangkok and Chiang Mai!! I hope you are able to enjoy your time even with the disorientation!


    • i know. i vaguely remember the sensory overload i felt when we moved to thailand. i’ve only been in bangkok once, and that was for this recent layover. but it was much busier and bigger than chiang mai.

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