christian missions charitable trust

the organization we were with in india is christian missions charitable trust (cmct).  our first morning with them they had a big welcome for us.

cmct welcome (3) cmct welcome (6)

cmct welcome (5) cmct welcome (10)

cmct welcome cmct welcome (2)

we then toured the building.  there’s a print shop.

cmct print shop

and a handicraft center

cmct handicraft center

they have a creche for the kids of their workers – who would be unable to afford daycare.

cmct creche

and a kitchen where lunch is prepared for their employees

cmct kitchen

there was also the hostel for young women

cmct hostel

and the orphanage

cmct orphanage (2)

we also had a tour of the nearby primary school.

cmct primary school (5) cmct primary school

it is astounding all that cmct contributes to and there is much, much more they do.  we visited many of their off site projects during the 10 days we were there.   i’m working on those posts – they’re coming together, but it’s more of a struggle than i thought it would be.

3 thoughts on “christian missions charitable trust

  1. How did you resist sticking a few of those cuties from the orphanage in your suitcase?! It looks like the organization provides well for the people.


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