glenmorgan tea estate

while in ooty we visited a tea plantation.  it was amazingly beautiful.  and if you use lipton green tea tea bags then you’ve been sipping from the same tea leaves we saw.

glenmorgan tea estate (38)

there were tea pickers,

glenmorgan tea estate (53)

a monkey puzzle tree – which i thought was a made up name, but i’ve had it confirmed as authentic,

glenmorgan tea estate (69)

and it was a great opportunity to let our hair loose.

glenmorgan tea estate (32)

4 thoughts on “glenmorgan tea estate

  1. It is amazing to me to see such beauty as the first pic in such a poor country. Love the pics and stories starting to come!

  2. This is of particular interest to me as my associate and I purchase our speciality knitting needles (Knit Stix)from Needle Industries, (Pvt) Ltd. in Tamil Nadu. They recently sent us, as a Christmas gift, a large packet of Glenmorgan tea. They explained that this tea is grown in the high elevations and I can see by the photos that it is truly beautiful.

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