the first 36 hours

we spent our first night in india at the ywca in chennai.  then we had a day of not much.  we did a bit of shopping and some sorting out of stuff and then caught the niligiri express night train to ooty.  i was not enamored of train travel.  it was difficult to sleep on a middle bunk with my bags.  a bit cramped.  but i did manage a wee bit of shut eye and it only felt like we’d spent 48 hours on the train.

after the train we headed up to the hill town of ooty.  we traveled by private busses.  we were supposed to travel by the cog train, but there was confusion about booking the tickets and who was to do that, etc.   so we weren’t booked.  which was a little dissappointing because we had heard that this train was one of the top 10 train experiences in the world.  however, it turns out the train we would have been on broke down – in the jungle.  in a spot not accessible by car.  so one of those blessing in disguise things.

on our drive up we stopped at a small road side market for breakfast.  some curry and chai tea.

drive to ooty (47) drive to ooty (42)

we saw many naughty monkeys running to and fro across the road.  causing much swerving and slamming on of brakes.

drive to ooty (34)

there were many hair pin turns – which don’t mesh well with those of us who suffer from motion sickness.

drive to ooty

but then we arrived.  at farley guest house in ooty.  the girls shared a room.  all 7 of them in the same room that had been amy carmichael’s. and i had my own room.  which was fortunate since i spent a good deal of time resting and recouperating from whatever viral infection i’d managed to either catch just as we landed in india or that i’d brought along with me.

farley guest house (42) farley guest house (45)

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