maybe he’ll become bionic

while we were up in ooty the boys climbed trees, rolled down grass hills, swung on the tree swing – basically they had an all around good time.

farley guest house (40)

and they were left with the scrapes and scratches to show for it.  the first day we were at christian missions charitable trust (cmct) in chennai c15 started picking at a scab.  and he picked it off.  and it bled – a lot.  conveniently cmct has it’s own clinic.  one of the cmct workers noticed c15’s leg bleeding and he came and removed him from the group for a good cleaning up of the wound.

about 30 minutes later c15 returned.  bandaged nicely.  and he leaned over to me and said, “they gave me a shot in my rear.”  he didn’t know what he’d been injected with and when i went in to ask, the receptionist, nurses and pharmacist all agreed that they didn’t know what it was, either.  so i spent the rest of the week 20 minutes or so staring intently at him looking for any signs of anaphylactic shock.  nothing happened.

but he hasn’t tried to race a train.

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