it’s gonna be india hot

one more sleep in my own bed until august and i’m not sure how restful that will be.  i’m all kinds of anxious.  the to-do list is getting shorter – thankfully.  and i’ve settled on what to pack – i was really struggling with this one.  we’d been advised that capris would be fine.  and then we were advised that we’d need long pants.  the only long pants i own are jeans.  heavy jeans.  and then i saw the forecast.


so, i’ve decided to pretend that i don’t know nothing about wearin’ no jeans.  to save me from having a heat stroke.  because i am prone to those.  i also think i’ll be packing every last drop of sunscreen i can get my fair skinned hands on, because a uv index that varies between very high and extreme – that’s skin cancer waiting to happen.

4 thoughts on “it’s gonna be india hot

  1. excellent call… i never will forget the day I DID NOT listen to my girl scout leader recommending no jeans on a hike in the heat… i simply ignored her since I was a much smarter 12 year old than a leader of young women. it rained, i was soaked, hot and miserable….

    i have been praying for you and c15… have an amazing trip!!! very envious of you, envy is not good… happy for you and wish I could have an experience like you will have.

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