coming up

with india right around the corner i’m not sure how often i’ll be able to post, hopefully a post or two more before c15 and i hit the road and if we manage an internet cafe or something in india maybe a post or two from there.  so – here’s the goings on for the next little bit for us.

right now, michael is in uganda.  from uganda he will head to indonesia – arriving home the morning of june 25.  the afternoon of june 25th (yes, the same day) c15 and i will head to india.  we are traveling as part of the youth team from our church.  there are 17 kids and 5 adults going.  we are very thankful to God that we are able to experience this, but are also feeling apprehensive.  we will spend the first few days in india working on team building and some immersion training to prepare us for the ministry areas we will be involved in.  they include:

  • wheel chair distribution
  • accompanying social workers to the slums
  • ministering to HIV infected people and their families
  • distributing rations to poverty stricken families
  • working in soup kitchens
  • visiting youth hostels
  • working at a leprosy colony

it’s a pretty full itinerary.

while c15 and i are in india, michael,a12 & s9 will be heading to the United States.  they arrive July 2 and will get to enjoy fireworks and maybe a cookout!

c15 and I will leave chennai on July 8.  we will have a 17 hour layover in bangkok and arrive in dallas on july 9.

july 12 – 17 michael will be the camp pastor at royal family kid’s camp.  he has been involved with this camp for over 10 years and is very excited that this year c15 will be accompanying him to lend a hand! .

july 19 the whole family will fly to colorado springs returning to dallas july 30.  august 3 – 7 s9 will be going to camp thurman – a day camp in arlington.  both c15 and a12 have been able to go to this camp and it will be s9’s first opportunity.  we will be leaving the states on august 8th arriving home in chiang mai august 10th and the kids will begin school august 13th.

it should be fun, busy and most likely exhausting!!

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