thank God that’s over

this morning – for the last time ever this week – i woke up, dragged drug hauled myself out of bed, roused three kids – one of them a teenager who isn’t keen on rousing – got us all out the door and to the school plenty early for any and all last minute setups required for today’s holiday bible club craft.  holiday bible club is the same thing as vacation bible school – i’m not sure exactly why the difference in names, but replacing the word school with the word club certainly makes it sound more fun.

a12 and s9 attended – it’s a12’s last year.  next year she can be signed up by her mom to willingly volunteer.  c15 would tell her that it’s the best!  since the kids were all involved i figured i might as well be, too.  and since someone asked if i would head up crafts i figured i might as well say, “yes”  and i smiled when i said it.  that yes could have also been caused by the fact that i have difficulties saying no.  even when i’m thinking “no” the word that come out is “yes”.  it doesn’t always work out so well for me.

the church we’re at creates their own holiday bible club from the ground up.  no box kit for them.  a theme is decided on, someone writes a script, actors are procured and rehearsals happen, songs are dug up that fit the theme and interest the kids, a games director comes up with games that can be played inside and out – since it is rainy season, shirts are designed and made, snacks are provided and, of course, crafts are essential.

this year the theme was rock’n’roll roller coaster.  it was about the life of peter and his many ups and downs.  throughout the week tons of material was covered from Jesus calling the disciples through the crucifixion and resurrection.  and my job was to develop 5 crafts for 150 kids ranging in age from 5 – 12 (oh, with the last minute addition of 3 & 4 year olds) each day that would reinforce what they’d learned, entertain them, and keep them busy for 12 hours 45 minutes.  45 minutes is an eternity when it comes to occupying kids with string, beads, paint, paper and glue.  here’s a basic run down of what we did – because i am sort of impressed with how well everything turned out i feel the need to share.

  • monday – Jesus called the disciples to be fisher of men.  our craft was creating fishing nets from netting, yarn and beads.  the toothpick idea i mentioned here worked well.  there were a few minor issues, but it turned out okay.
  • tuesday – Jesus helped peter walk on water.  we painted hand towels.  we marble painted the water onto the bottom half of the towel and then stencilled on fish and a boat.
  • wednesday – peter denied Jesus.  Jesus was crucified and resurrected.  pick up your cross and follow me.  we made seed bead safety pin pins.  this one i was worried about.
  • thursday – peter became the rock.  which required rocks to be painted.
  • friday – peter reminisces about his life.  we made scrolls using saa paper.  the kids discussed the week in their groups and then drew pictures or wrote about the week and what they remembered best.

i was very happy that i heard no complaining about the crafts.  no “do i have to do this?” or “this is stupid” type comments.  and i was quite glad to not come across any abandoned crafts as i was leaving each day.  and everyday i came home and practiced saying, “no, i do not want to do that.”  i swear i’ll remember if they ask again next year.

i would love to have had some pictures to share, but our camera is in uganda with michael.  lucky camera.

2 thoughts on “thank God that’s over

  1. Great job. Those crafts sound like they were amazing to keep everyone’s interest and not be abandoned. I hate to tell you, but they’ve probably already penciled you in for next year. 😉

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