good pai

i’ve just returned from a lovely no-kids-nor-husbands invited few days away. our escape getaway started in the cutest toy plane ever


and we sat closer to the pilot and copilot than i thought was possible.


the flight was only 25 minutes.  and, for those of you who might be wondering (dad) yes, we could have taken a bus.  and, yes, it would have cost less baht.  but it’s a 4 hour drive on a road that has 700 or so curves and would have guaranteed that at least one – and most likely both – of us would have needed a barf bag.  or 20.  which we hear the are kind enough to hand out by the handfull as you board.   and had we ridden the bus we would have missed this runway.


and a very cute toy airport that exists solely for the toy plane we flew on.


once we arrived in pai we quickly settled into our own personal paradise.


which came with some lovely views and two of the most adorable neighbors.

IMG_7725 IMG_7726

we wandered into town for a late lunch,  enjoyed a cup of perfect – at least that’s what the slogan at the coffee shop claimed – and then returned to our bungalow for a little peace and quiet.


a relaxing time was had by all.  at least the two of us who were away.

11 thoughts on “good pai

  1. Wow! Well, 1. the trip sounds absolutely wonderful, it looked so beautiful and peaceful…all would have been perfect were it not for 2. that toy plane. 😉 I like my planes to be HUGE.

    Glad you had a good time.

  2. Looks like a Survivor reward spa. Hey mon! Ever thought about applying for Survivor? (grin)

  3. Monica, the experiences you are having while living overseas are exceptional!! I love living vicariously through you!! Glad you enjoyed, I would have loved that plane ride. I hope you were able to de-stress some to prepare for the next few weeks ahead.


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