unproductively productive

today wasn’t as productive as i would have liked for it to be, but it wasn’t a total loss, either.

i didn’t manage to find the rocks for the rock painting craft for next week – but i did find out where i can get them.  i also didn’t come up with needles for the fishing net craft – but i have maybe thunk up a better way for 200 kids to run a piece of yarn through a square of netting.  instead of having them all thread a needle, keep the thread on the needle, not drop the needle, not break the needle, etc…  i’m thinking of using toothpicks and taping the thread to the toothpick.  conceptually i think it could work.  but there could be a problem with the tape getting caught on the netting.  or the toothpicks having splinters, or the toothpicks breaking…  so, i’m still sorting that one out.

however, there are things i did get done.  i did purchase 25 meters (that’s metric, i’m so acclimatized) of netting that now needs to be cut into 200 squares.  and i did manage to find beads for stringing along the yarn for those fishing net crafts.  and c15 and i did mananage to get our photos taken (someone’s having a good laugh) for our visas to visit india.  and we made it to the indian consulate to apply for said visas.  and i’ve procured 2 backpacks for us to use while we are in india.

tomorrow i’m hoping to get the rocks.  find some yarn and toothpicks.  i need to price and maybe purchase 200 pillow cases, a lot of saa paper, some pens and construction paper/origami paper for the craft that’s either going to be weaving fish or origami-ing fish.  and i need to come up with one more craft – seeing as how i’m one short.

and, just so you can have a good laugh, too.  here’s my visa photo – you know, the photo that should maybe subtly hint at what a lovely and kind person i am.  the one that goes along with the application asking permission to allow me to visit india and shouldn’t cause them to question my sanity or wonder how i managed to so cleanly photoshop my prisoner id numbers out of the picture.


3 thoughts on “unproductively productive

  1. Aren’t you resourceful! I don’t know if the toothpicks will work or not. Interesting thing to try though.

    200 pillow cases? Wow. Sounds like a lot of fun though.

    Great, friendly, picture. 🙂

    • it’s amazing how creative you can get when you leave it until it’s almost too late.

      trouble finding the 200 pillowcases… looking for an alternative craft.

      someone said it’s time to go home when you start looking like your passport pic. in this case it might be time to go into hiding!! 🙂

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