i get real jittery when i think about it

this time last year the summer loomed in front of us.  a tortuously long summer with no idea what we would do with ourselves.  we did have that trip to penang to be excited about – we were wrong to be so excited.  but this summer!  this summer i can’t even think of the goings on we’ve got going on.  this week will be all about holiday bible club – hbc is just a fancy name for vbs – preparation.  but that preparation time is going to be slightly interrupted by a 2 night/3 day girl trip to pai.  we leave wednesday and get home friday.  saturday there are meetings to attend and a 17 year anniversary to squeeze in…  oh, and i start single parenting it again.  i’ve been a bit spoiled.  michael’s been home 3 weeks.  3 whole weeks. 

the next week will be holiday bible club.  monday through friday every morning.  i hear there are like 200 kids and i’m heading up the crafts.  should keep me busy.

the following thursday c15 and i get on a plane for india.  india.  i can’t believe we’re going to india.  10 days there and then the states!  texas and colorado.  friends and family.  and we’ll probably discover 4 weeks is not enough time.  especially since that 4 weeks might have to last us another 3 years. 

if i believed in to do lists – or rather if i were capable of making one and keeping it – i would have to include get visas for india (c15 and me).  get reentry permits for kids and me – so we can return to thailand.  locate backpacks for c15 and me.   pack for all of us.  and all that intails…  i’m trying not to think about what that could be.  and – because it’s not going to do itself – get the stuff for hbc crafts.  but it is sort of cool that once i get it it will sort of magically get sorted and prepared.  and by magically i mean all those hbc helpers will do what i didn’t finish while i’m gone!

busy summer ahead, but sure beats a boring summer stretching out into eternity.

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