2 of the three rs

i’ve moved on from the talking of thai to the readin’ and writin’ of it.  but right now it’s not so much reading it or writing actual words.  right now i’m working through the learnin’ of the alphabet.  it’s no easy task.  there are way more letters than i think are really necessary.  44 consonants!!  really?  and 2 of those are obsolete – but i still have to learn them?  nutz. and many of them make the exact same sound.  exact same.  and which one you use depends on where it falls in the word.  it would be like having two different letter ks.  and for the word kite you would use one, but for the word park you would use a different one.  even though they sound just the same.  and it’s not just 2 letters that sound the same, in some cases it’s 3 or 4.  i won’t even go into the three classes the consonants are separated into.  because i’m not really sure exactly how that plays into the whole reading thing.  but i do know it’s important.



and 32 vowels.  32??  you know how in english we learn the 5 vowels (and sometimes a 6th vowel – depending on how you feel about y) and we learn they can sound many different ways depending on what’s going on in the word.   you know, an added e in the word makes the vowel sound one way. or two of the same vowel together make the vowel sound another way, etc, etc.  they’ve avoided the need for those kind of rules, because they have an entirely different set of rules that involve a different vowel for any situation.  there’s a final consonant? then use this vowel.  there’s no final consonant?  then use that vowel.  it’s a long vowel?  then you need this vowel.  oh, it’s a short vowel?  then this is the vowel you should use.



as of today, i’ve been taught all the letters, but i haven’t memorized them all just yet.  i’m really close though.  in the next week or so i should move on to the putting together of the letters to form words.  if my head doesn’t explode first.

10 thoughts on “2 of the three rs

  1. Impressive!!! Hang in there. Seems like you are making real progress. See you soon. Love, Mom

  2. Completely amazing!! That is one reason I am doing everything I can to help Jet keep his Thai! I love asking him to write his name because I think it looks so cool. Especially watching a little 8 year old write it!!

    Great job!!


  3. I’m so happy to be going back to Spanish…me and Russian/Cryllic just did not get along! : )


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