it’s a jungle out there

attend elementary school play can now be ticked off the to-do list.

lovely play today.  short (that alone makes it almost perfect) and sweet.  a12 had a starring role.  with lots of lines.  and she got to wear a head mic.  (which is really quite amazing seeing as how just a few (3?) short years ago she had such horrid stage fright she cried for several hours after the performance.  even though she was at the very back of the stage and in the chorus and you had to sort of strain to see her.)  and s9 had a supporting role.  with a speaking part.  he’ll tell you it was just one line, but i say, there are no small parts…


the play was about an unhappy king leo and his two subjects/friends who set out to discover the key to happiness and bring it back for the king.  they talk to many singing and dancing animals groups (packs? herds?)  the hyenas being the best group.  and not just because s9 was one.


in the end the key to happiness was discovered.  it’s not partying with the party animals or playing video games with the monkeys or even laughting with the hyenas.  it’s friends and taking time to smell the flowers.  i have no idea what smart animals knew this, but they were obviously the sensitive type, and they had red paw prints on their cheeks.


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