thought i’d go for a dip


that’s me.  or rather it’s my upper thigh and lower torso.  what isn’t totally obvious in this picture is that i’m wet.  soaking wet – from the chin down.  and i’m fully dressed, but that is a little more obvious than the wet part.  how does one manage to get soaking wet when chaperoning a field trip?  it’s really pretty easy.

today, the 6th graders – that’s a12’s grade – went to tweechol  botanical gardens.  it’s a beautiful park.  a real tropical paradise.  see…

blog4 blog1 blog2

*if you’ve been hanging around here very long it might look a little familiar*

this park has it all.  a pool, bikes, paddle boats, swings and slides… there was no shortage of things to do.  and the kids were free to do what they wanted, when they wanted.  none of us adult types where gonna tell them when to eat, or that it was time for this or time for that.  today’s chaperoning task was to make sure they all made it to the park and back to the school in one piece.  easy peasy.

the paddle boats proved to be very popular early in the day.  and once a few kids went out, the rest followed suit.


i suppose it’s possible that maybe we should have taken note when the first two out ended up in this situation.  but we put it off to a tiny bit of naughtiness and were glad they’d gotten that out of their system. silly us.

IMG_7206 IMG_7212

IMG_7213 IMG_7195

you’re probably thinking, “there’s really only one thing this level of craziness can lead to.”  sure wish we’d had the foresight to think that.


and this is how i ended up soaking wet.  in the end, the paddle boat was uprighted, paddled back to the dock and the water bailed out.

did i mention we were only about 2 hours into a 6 hour field trip at this point?  and that i hadn’t brought a change of clothes?

the rest of the day was quite lovely.  swimming and lunch.  more bike riding and flower looking.  and then back to the school with only 2 1/2 days before summer vacation.

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