trying to be legit

for christmas this year we got the family a desk top computer.  one that could sit in the living room where everyone could have access and we could also keep an eye on the internet surfing.  we purchased this computer at a legitimate electronics store.  they set it up, loaded a windows operating system and microsoft office software for us, so when we got home and plugged it in it was good to go.

a few weeks ago we start getting a message that microsoft wanted to verify the validity of our windows operating system and – since we live in thailand – i figured we probably should not allow microsoft to do this.  and i thought i’d warned all the kids about this.  turns out i hadn’t.  and one of them thought that verifying the software would be a very good idea, seeing as how we did buy the computer from a real live electronics store, which to them meant that everything that came with would be on the up and up.  now we’re stuck with this message on our computer screen and we can’t make it go away.


and a few times a day we get an urgent pop up message from microsoft telling us that if we will just click this button right here they can tell us how to fix our little problem.  i’ve threatened to remove the fingers of anyone who decides it might be a good idea to allow microsoft to tell us how to fix our problem.  because i’m thinking their solution is going to be something like wiping our computer clean of all software and operating systems and maybe suggesting to us that we buy some genuine windows software.  which could be a problem since i’m pretty certain you can’t buy the real thing here.

4 thoughts on “trying to be legit

  1. Yeah that sounds like a pain…if it did happen though, you could always set yourself up with Linux or other free operating systems… and as for software we’re using free Open Office which has everything Microsoft Office has but better (cause it’s free! hahahah! )

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