alien invasion

last night i was home alone.  normally i love to be home alone.  to have the house all to myself. no one around to ask me to help them do something or to just do it for them.  but last night i wasn’t cherishing every moment.  i was a little freaked out.  we’d planned to go to the movie yesterday, but, because of continued gutter hanging work, someone had to stay home.  it felt a little unsafe to leave the house unguarded and in this condition.

IMG_7155 IMG_7154

the last thing the workers did before the rains started yesterday was to put up the scaffolding.  which, to me, looked sort of like an open invitation for anyone to shimmy on up and come right in.  so the rest of the family headed out to the movies – night at the museum 2 – and i stayed behind to serve as the last line of defense.  (and, yes, the mom is the logical choice to stay behind.  all that women and children first stuff is a bunch of hooey.)

i spent the evening roaming the house, making sure to turn the lights on and off and shout out the occasional festive sound so it sounded like a party was happening here – and i’m certain i was convincing.  but i was also careful to leave all the upstairs lights off – hoping the darkness would camaflouge the vulnarable spots in our home security.

all was going quite well until i wandered upstairs into the pitch black and discovered a ufo (yes, an unidentified flying object) hovering in the breezeway.  i stopped dead in my tracks, my heart stopped beating and i was rendered mute – totally unable to scream for my life.  it took me few moments to come to my senses and make my way into the bedroom and find the camera so i could capture some photographic evidence.


i think that’s at least as convincing as crop circles.  maybe not of ufos, but certainly of something.  like lightening bugs.  which are very, very scary.

8 thoughts on “alien invasion

  1. It reminds of of the night Mark and Rebekah came home to two bats circling our living room. That’s what I always think about when I’m home alone. I’m definitely not good at being home alone.

    That is one bright light!

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