i’m not a sentimental person

i’m the kind of mom who thinks kindergarten graduations are stupid silly.  i mean, i didn’t see my children’s completion of their first year of school as a reason to go all cap and gown crazy.  i sort of expected them to make it into first grade.  i know there is alot accomplished during kindergarten, but really, a graduation?  this could also be because only one actually went to kindergarten.  the other two spent several years being tortured taught by me.  perhaps they deserved a celebration of sorts when they gained their freedom reported to a regular classroom.

so when the kids’ school had a meeting for the 6th grade families about the upcoming bridging ceremony (bridging ceremony:  a ceremony to mark the end of the elementary school years and the moving on to secondary school) i might have rolled my eyes and i’m certain i thought, “really?  that’s stupid silly.”  because i don’t see the completion of 6th grade as that big of a deal nor the moving on to secondary school – which, i think it is important to note, is on the very same campus as the elementary school and not only that it’s in the very same building.  but because i’m an involved parent – which is really not true, i’ve only just recently gotten involved and i have a whole other post all about that (it’s a bit of a downer) – i volunteered to head up the food bit of this shin dig and to try to find someone to take on the decorations – since noone else seemed to be willing.

i think it’s a little funny that the person in charge of getting the ball rolling on the parent end of this thing doesn’t see the point of doing it.

so today was the day. the program was kicked off by the whole audience standing for the king’s song.  which – i believe – is how it goes at all public gatherings.

then the students performed a virtue rap they had written themselves.


there were performances by a few students – including a12 on the harp.  no picture, batteries were very low.  speeches were given by the top student from each 6th grade class, they were very funny and charming.  much more confident than i remember being at 12.

the final thing was the actual crossing of the bridge.  the leaving behind of elementary school


she seems pretty determined about getting across that bridge

into the jasmine lei bearing arms of secondary school.


then all the other elementary kids were kicked out – unless they were a sibling of a 6th grader – and the party began. many parents volunteered to bring in finger foods from their country.  we had swedish meatballs (switzerland), suishi (japan), chicken tandoori masala & nan bread (india), chicken satay (thailand), custard (europe – don’t remember the nation), brownies (america), chips & queso (texas – which is totally a nation), sticky rice (thailand), tempura veggies & spicy dipping sauce (burma), some crusty bread topped with veggies and ham (germany), some pickled veggies – not kimchi (korea), sliced roast beef (america) and there was more, but that’s all i remember.  there was also a very lovely cupcake set up.


this amazing 100 cupcake cupcake creation was made even more amazing by the price.  baht 700 – which when converted into u.s. dollars came to $20.35.

and as silly as i think the notion is – i will admit it was a lovely ceremony.  and the purpose was better explained to me by the person who thunk the whole thing up.  (whom i happened to be sitting by and it’s very possible i mentioned that i thought it was an unnecessary (and i might have even said stupid) thing to do – but, of course, that was before i know it was her brain child.)  she told me the purpose wasn’t really a graduation but more to allow closure and to make for a better transition for the students into secondary school.  it seems that tck (third culture kids) have difficulty with transition so anything that can be done to assist them is a good thing.  i’m not sure what i think about that.  i guess i’ll see as my kids become third culture kids.

oh, and i just have to share with you what i think is the most fascinating tidbit from the tck wiki link – dr. ruth hill useem, the sociologist who coined the term third culture kids, named her three children flopsi, penny and dipsi.  it’s possible the whole third culture kid thing wasn’t her children’s biggest issue.  or maybe i shouldn’t believe everything wiki has to say (you can find her obit at that link.  and it seems her kids aren’t the namesakes of the teletubbies.)

8 thoughts on “i’m not a sentimental person

  1. I agree with you. I tend to think these types of things are unnecessary (stupid). Still, if they were going to do it, it sounds like it was really, really nice. Great job organizing the food. Yummy! It all sounded wonderful, and that cupcake thing is fantastic.

    I think most people who over think what we do to our kids tend to have kids with bigger issues than what they’re focusing on.

    • it was done very nicely. and the kids enjoyed it – which is a good thing.

      i know the third culture kid thing is real, but i think it’s sometimes just assumed the issues will be there with every kid, rather than waiting to see how they adapt. i think i’m much more of a wait and see kind of person.

  2. Glad you are back blogging. It certainly makes my day. I tend to agree with you; some of the folderol we put our kids (and ourselves) through seems meaningless. You know at some point, how do you top all the stuff that went before – like when senior year comes around?

    I have to agree, food sounded great and the cupcake display was awesome. When I go back to see you; I think we will order one of those for us! See you soon. Can’t wait. Love, Mom

  3. Hey there… i do pretty much agree it’s all too much for the parents, not the kids. However, I did feel a bit let down of ending school this year. I picked him up and we went home, normal day stuff… I tend to think that was a bit of a let down. I would have liked SOMETHING to sum it all up. They had a party the day before, just normal type of thing. I don’t get ‘graduating’ from Kindergarten or 6th grade.

    But… in the same breathe… just getting the rundown of RULES for our upcoming SENIOR graduation on Friday for my nephew is a bit of HUGE BUMMER. There are FOUR pages of rules for the families… there are graduate ‘assistants’ to make sure their hats are on properly, the parents can’t yell out or do ANYTHING buy clap, nothing out of the ordinary, and if the kids or their families act up … then, they hold their transcripts.

    I mean REALLY… that’s STUPID, they have celebrating to do and the students should enjoy their accomplishments.

    BTW, custard is English….

    • wow! four pages of rules, that’s a bit nuts!! but our graduation was somewhat rule heavy. the one that no one followed was the no throwing your cap rule. but we all had to search for them because you had to show them to be approved to get your actual diploma.

      in the past we’ve done an afterschool lunch the last day. not an official school thing, but a good farewell.

  4. in added note… i ‘grad-u-ated’ from the 6th grade in Mississippi. we went from one side of the cafeteria/gym to the other, since it was all in the same school. my vice principal couldn’t say the work graduation properly. my parents were shocked and very concerned.

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