added value

we are a movie going family.  we were before we moved and that hasn’t changed.  i think part of what makes it enjoyable to go to the movies here is that it’s something familiar.  a movie theatre is a movie theatre – sort of.  in america we don’t stand up to honor the president right before the movie begins, but here we do do that for the king.  and in america there aren’t thai subtitles across the bottom of the screen, but we don’t even see those anymore.  and in america the commercials that come on before the previews are in english – as are all of the previews.  but other than that, it’s pretty much the same.  you can get popcorn and a coke.  well, that’s a bit different, too, because you don’t spend $15 dollars on popcorn and cokes for two people here – it’s much cheaper here, maybe around $4 or $5.  and when you get your drink in america you can’t get a fancy topper like you can here.  and the kids are big fans of the fancy topper.  they usually go along with whatever animated movie is currently out or getting ready to come out.  like right now the fancy topper is from the soon to be released movie up.  and it’s a pretty cool topper.  and it also made drinking through a straw somewhat hazardous.


in the past year we’ve managed to acquire the a pretty impressive topper collection.


and not all of them are included in this picture, because we can’t find them all.

and i’m not really so certain this is something to be proud of.

8 thoughts on “added value

  1. Makes me wish we had taken in a movie while we were there just for the experience!! Especially since we don’t go here because of the cost! I love reading your stories about differences between America and Thailand.


    • i think seeing a movie here is a pretty good way to see some cultural differences. the standing for the king and also the previews for thai movies and thai commercials – you see some differences in humor and such.

      hopefully you were out at a public place at 8a or 6p so you were able to experience everyone coming to a stand still when they played the national song

  2. I’ve made my husband promise that we will at least attend one movie on our upcoming trip. We’ll have a lot more downtime this round and I desperately want curried popcorn. I love that you blogged about the theater…I’ve spent many hours in April looking for blog entries about the movie experience. Thanks!

  3. On base we have the National Anthem before the movie…does that count?

    And as for the fate of the missing toppers…I suspect it is the same as the missing happy meal toys in your house!

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