medieval day

today was the fourth grade’s big end of school year hoorah.  they celebrated with a medieval festival and spent much time preparing.  they’ve been studying this time period for a while.

they’ve broken into groups and built castles.


*s9’s group’s castle had octopi in the moat and a lovely pond inside the walls – excellent for fishing and picnics*

they picked a play and assigned and memorized parts and presented it today’s audience of parents and family friends.


*s9 was the king.  and a very fine king was he*

they researched the foods that were eaten during that time and brought a list home of dishes that parents could provide for the feast.

IMG_7105 IMG_7103

*i’m not completely convinced that tropical fruits would have been the fruits of the day, but i could be wrong*

and – my favorite part – they even made sure to have an authentic serving wench on hand.


it was an afternoon enjoyed by all and a lovely way to celebrate a year of hard work.

there was still an hour of school left at the end of the feast and what better to do than a few hands of cards.


no, they’re not playing poker.  they’re playing slave.  it involves kings and queens and noblemen – a very appropriate medieval day game.

2 thoughts on “medieval day

  1. I am incredibly jealous that you are done. I think the next two and a half weeks are going to d…r…a…g by. Great pictures. It looks like a fun day.

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