chewing is such a nasty habit

one of our three children has an oral fixation.  and i find it to be rather disgusting.  also, it doesn’t go well with my like of the throw pillow.

in our downstairs living room we have an l-shaped couch.


yes, it is an awfully small couch for a family of 5.  it would be rather small for a family of 3.

the couch came with 6 pillows.  and i have added an extra pillow or two over time.  apparently the corners of these pillows are like crack cocaine to someone with an oral fixation because they are always wet, chewed and now permanently mis-shapen.  and it seems that at least 2 pillows have been eaten.  because they are totally gone.  no amount of “stop that” or “that’s disgusting” or “that’s a very, very nasty habit” or even “i think i saw the dog wipe his butt on that one” seems to bring change.  apparently, the sight of a pillow corner is just too much.

so guests in our home are treated to this.

IMG_7085 IMG_7084 IMG_7083

i would have taken  pictures of the 4th corners if i’d felt like moving the pillows.  but they are in the same condition.

but there is something missing from these pictures.  they can only give you a visual impression.  and that really doesn’t do the situation justice.  because what you miss out on by just looking is the cold, wet, slimy feel of a recently chewed on pillow corner.  it’s very ookie.  so as soon as i can get enough muscle in the same place at the same time we will be  trading this couch out for the one upstairs.  the one without throw pillows.

wonder how long the dts will last.

(i’ve learned all my drug jargon – crack cocaine and “the dts” being the extent of it – from sober house on vh1.  because you can watch vh1 tv shows on the internet here.  and that’s how i set my standard for what i will watch.  while i do not endorse this tv show i can say it has – once again – made me like andy dick.)

7 thoughts on “chewing is such a nasty habit

  1. Andy Dick? It’s time for you to come back here.

    This post really depresses me. I was counting on when my kids were as old as yours *someone* would have outgrown this. Why do they do it???

  2. Thanks for the warning. I’ll check into throw pillow-storage while you guys are here. Or maybe you should try what my mom did when she was trying to break my fingernail biting habit – put some hot sauce on the pillow corners. Good luck with breaking the habit. Love, Mom

    • but it hasn’t been that long since you gave up the nail biting!! and since all but one – and not the same one – of my children like hot sauce i’m not sure how effective it would be. it might be seen as a bonus!

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