rainy season requires preperation

updated to add a totally self serving bit that i was just going to put at the bottom but i think is totally deserving of the prime real estate at the top of this post.

****while this has nothing to do with the gutters or bamboo or knots i do think it’s most important and majorly impressive that any and all conversations i’ve had regarding the wet floor, wet wall, home owner taking a peek, scheduling a time for the workers and explaining it all to our house help have been in thai***

rainy season is upon us.  in the past few weeks we’ve had several heavy rains that have tested our level of rainy season readiness.  and while we are totally prepared – minus a few necessary items, like umbrellas and rain ponchos – the house needs a little help.  i have noticed that after every rain i would come down stairs in the morning – the rains have almost always been at night – and the kitchen floor would be wet.  not flooded, just noticeably wet and decidedly slippery.  i didn’t think too much of it, we have a bit of a gap at the door between the top of the door and the seal and i had assumed that somehow the rain was coming in at the top of the door.


you know managing to make it under the 4 foot awning and all.


seemed likely.  but then i noticed the wall was wet.  and i don’t think that’s good for the long term health of the house.  so i called the homeowner and he came over and had a looksy.  then he returned later with some professionals.  and the professionals returned today with some bamboo, rope and metal flashing.  seems gutters are the believed to be solution to the problem.  they spent several hours building the scaffolding.  out of bamboo and rope.  nifty knot tiers they are.



and then they set to work. i felt like i was watching some daring young men on a flying trapeze. sort of. they were up and down the scaffolding with power and non power tools. adjusting knots willy-nilly like.


IMG_7077 IMG_7089

they’ve been at it several hours now.  the metal flashing hasn’t made it off the truck, yet.  and it’s getting a bit late to think they will finish today.  so it looks like tonight’s gonna be an exercise in keeping a kid or two off the scaffolding and not worrying about anyone else who might find it appealing to shimmy up the scaffolding to our open sliding doors.

or maybe we’ll just sleep with the aircon on.

6 thoughts on “rainy season requires preperation

  1. Awesome entry! I loved seeing their solution. Our friends on Koh Yao Noi have a boat with a bamboo compass. The many uses of bamboo will never cease to amaze me.

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