1,000,000 – and there are so many more

the other day michael forwarded me a press release from compassion international.  they’ve just had their 1 millionth child sponsored.  this number doesn’t represent the number of children who have been helped through compassion – that number is over 2,000,000 – rather, it is the number of children being sponsored right now.  which is amazing.

since going to work for compassion, michael has had the privilege of visiting many compassion projects throughout southeast asia.  the pictures he brings and the tales he tells are hope-full.  so many lives changed.  and i’m not talking just about the kids, there are also their families, the people who work at the projects, the compassion employees and the sponsors. and there are still so many kids out there in need of sponsors.  to find out how you can get involved visit their child sponsorship page.

2 thoughts on “1,000,000 – and there are so many more

  1. My Mom and brother have both been sponsors..I believe my brother’s child reached 18 years ago, and my mom’s is just now 18, but that’s 40% of my immediate family!

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