more than holidays come once a year

a little while ago i posted about how we were experiencing our second easter in thailand and then we had our second songkran and how very impressed i was that we were doing things that happen annually for the second time.  and lately i’ve been thinking about how we’re going into our second summer and how exciting this one’s going to be.  and i guess i was so distracted about the fun things that i let the responsible things slip.  you know like the tags for our car – which expired round about the same time as our car insurance (another thing that sort of slipped by me – oops.)  but luckily in thailand they have a great reminder system.  it’s actually the same system they have elsewhere, but it’s done just a tad bit different here.  instead of police in cars with sirens and such they have police standing on corners very politely waving you over.  i honestly had no idea why the police man wanted me to pull over – i’d even heard that they sort of just let the fàràng (caucasians) go by – partly because of the language thing i’m sure.  but the kind police man who waved me over spoke excellent english and was able to clearly explain to me what the problem was.  where i needed to go to pay the ticket and retrieve my license (since he was gonna keep it) and how much it should cost.

luckily, where i needed to go was the same place i went the last – and only – time i got a ticket.  (ooh, it’s another thing i’m doing for the second time).  and i must say that after i handed my ticket over to the police man at the desk and then had a seat i  was pretty sure i’d be there for the afternoon.  because this was a low tech operation.  not one computer could i see in the whole place.  what i did see were two officers sitting behind a desk copying the information from the ticket onto two seperate forms.  and in duplicate – they did have carbon paper.  after you were done at this desk you were sent to another window to reclaim your driver’s license.  which is kept in one of several large piles that are coiled up and held together with a rubber band.  it took him maybe 30 seconds to find it.  i was in and out in 15 minutes.  and there were maybe 8 people in front of me.  maybe computers are overrated.

and my fine – baht 200.  which is less than $6.00 US.

4 thoughts on “more than holidays come once a year

  1. Carbon paper. I don’t think my grandchild would even understand the concept. I mean, she’s starting to roll her eyes when I talk about using a digital camera instead of a phone to take a picture…

  2. We forgot about the car insurance too. Thankfully, we worked it out before it was a problem. The Lord kept us from any accidents too!

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