another year almost over

oh, the madness.  it happens every year and every year i’m unprepared for it.    there are 13 days left in this school year and it seems like 201 different activities for each of those days – maybe more.  and there’s still learning going on, projects to be completed and the nightly nightmare struggle that is homework.    everytime i turn around it seems like one kid or another needs money for something and they need it now.  or a permission slip needs to be signed because it’s due today but it seems it has been misplaced or possibly just never made it home and they swear they told me all about it or at least they meant to.

and we all look forward to the first morning of laziness.  and sometimes we revel in not having to get up and actually be somewhere so early in the morning  situation for several days.  (i could actually enjoy it every day for the entire summer) but by monday morning (school ends on a thursday for us) i’ll be hearing a continuous track of “i’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do”.

but this summer should be different.  our trip to the states should be cause for much less of the complaining about boredom and much more excitement and anticipation.  a12 can tell you how long until she leaves to for the states and how long until the plane touches down in dallas.  she’s not counting down the days- she’s counting down the hours – .  s9 and c15 are already salivating over the meals they just know their nanny and mimi (my mom and grandmother) will be slaving over for them.  i’m thinking the few weeks between the end of school and leaving will be both tortuously long and amazingly short.

but right now all i can focus on is the next 13 days and where i have to be and where the kids have to be and what have i forgotten and how on earth have can a kid lose their backpack in the house over the weekend!

6 thoughts on “another year almost over

  1. We had to sit in middle-school auditorium chairs while my granddaughter played her violin in one of those oh so fun end of the school year concerts. I’m learning to text whether my thumbs can take it or not. The reason I never totally give up on trying to become one of you, no matter how frustrating it gets, is the fact that we will suffer any indignity to our persons or pride for these kids.

    • what a good grandpa! i always loved when my grandad showed for my orchestra concerts!

      i keep telling my kids that when they get a text from me they should treasure it. because it takes forever for me and i don’t know all the texting short cuts. i don’t even know how to set my phone to try to guess the word i’m typing. technology – ugh!

  2. Wow! It’s coming so fast. You captured it beautifully when you said the next few weeks will be both tortuously long and amazingly short. I hope your upcoming trips are everything you want them to be. xoxo

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