road trippin’

i love a good road trip.  growing up, many of our family vacations involved road trips.  in high school, several summers were spent hauling a sailboat across the country to different regattas.    since getting married, michael and i have continued the road trips.  we’ve driven from coast to coast to see family.  and after we moved to colorado, we made maybe a dozen trips between colorado and texas.  so the fact that we’ve lived in thailand for 16 months and have just now taken our first road trip seems impossible.   but – it’s true.

friday we loaded up the car – oh, how i was wishing for the minivan – and then crammed the kids in to any spare spot we could find.  we hit the wide open road and headed to the “gateway to the himalayas” – doi inthanon. okay, it wasn’t quite 2 hours away, but it still totally counts..  we stayed in cabins at the doi inthanon national park – we had to have 2, since they only sleep 3.  and it was lovely.  a nice reprieve from the heat – up there it was 28 celsius (82.4 farenheit) for a high – it was 35 (95) in chiang mai.  we played games, michael and the kids tossed around the football (american), i studied my thai and we saw several waterfalls.  we have to go back because there are several things we missed.  like the summit – and it’s the highest point in all of thailand, so we should really do that.

3 thoughts on “road trippin’

  1. WOW! Looks amazing! I look forward to heading back to Thailand to really see Thailand! Bangkok is not what I would consider a true idea of Thailand, at least the true part I would like to see. Looks like a great time was had by all!


    • it was lovely. the only thing i have seen in bangkok is the airport – and it was big and crowded. i am hoping at some point we make it to the beaches. i’d love to see much more of thailand while we are living here!!

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