you’ll shoot your eye out

this past weekend a12 spent several hours working on an extra credit science project.  she broke out the battery operate hand tools


and the hand operated hand tools.


she glued


and paper mached.


she painted


and then added a few finishing touches.

img_6693i think the finishing touches also mark the end of parcheesi games at our house

and yesterday morning we hauled the project to school so she could get her extra credit.  oh, but that’s not all she got…


she didn’t really end up with pepsi max to the face, but i think it would have been super funny if she had.

and if you’d like to watch the project video it’s over here.

6 thoughts on “you’ll shoot your eye out

  1. woah – how long since i’ve been here?
    gorgeous header.
    love the science experiment.
    hubby’s bro and family came here to house-sit one summer.
    they texted me wondering if our cobweb collection was actually a science experiment?
    i told them to get the hose onto it lol X

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